Today I signed up for a PlotagraphPRO membership and it is fun to make still photos to life, have been playing around with some of the images I have on my hard drive (or more) and got some good results from the beginning I think, the problem is to show them as it is meant, a infinite loop of maybe 6-10 sec, but I haven´t cleared that out yet.

The most obvious one is to save the sequence in GIF but I think the quality is to bad, so I have uploaded my files in max resolution to Vimeo whom I think have a nicer compression or something instead of Youtube, but just after a three clips I´m on my week limit for the free account, but thats good then I can play around a little bit more before I upload anymore.

Here are the sequence that I was most satisfied with, an image maybe five years old from Nybrokajen in Stockholm when a steamboat started her engines with black smoke getting out from the chimney.

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When I migrated my website from 500px to with everything that mean with new things to learn and try to get it to look good and so forth, I had been to two soccer matches or as we say in europe, football matches.

The matches was played at Tele2 arena, home arena for both Hammarby and Djurgården that plays in the highest division (Allsvenskan).

First off was Djurgården against IFK Göteborg on Monday and DIF won by 1-0, a good match and nice to see the former swedish national players in Djurgården as they came back from many years abroad.

Some photos from the match, more at the soccer section on the left side.

Then on Wednesday there was time for league leader Malmö FF to meet Hammarby on home turf at Tele2, Hammarby probably has the best fanatic fans in Sweden and mostly great fun to attend, so also today.

It was a draw but it was lucky that Hammarby scored first when Malmö FF was the better team the first half, finally the equalized to 1-1.

Some photos from the match, more at the soccer section on the left side.

Next soccer game I have applied for is the derby between Hammarby and Djurgården.

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