Weekend plans

Today I was approved for the soccer derby game between Hammarby and Djurgården the 4th of june at Tele2 arena this sunday 15.00, will be fun and think I will shoot with the 300mm f2.8 lens with a 2x teleconverter this time to get some variations to the photos, have shot with just the 300 f2.8 the latest games.

Also got approved to photograph the Stockholm Marathon the day before the soccer game, many say that why get credentials for a sport that goes thru the streets of Stockholm, but to be able to sell images legally you have to get approved by the organizers otherwise you can be in trouble.

I was also approved for the Lida Loop Mountainbike race in my hometown Tullinge, one of the biggest MTB events in Sweden and a lot of fun to photograph in the lush forest areas surrounding Lida.

That was all for today, but I have some events pending to get my camera and me working.

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