Airshow at Örebro airport

Looked like a great day with sunny weather but biblical clouds appeared around the airfield, somehow we just got rain for 5-10 minutes and then just great backdrops for photos. Many photos of swedish manufactured aircrafts from the company SAAB, Viggen and Draken are the most significant and famous, but also Safir and Lansen was on the air display .

Also historical flights from a Spitfire Supermarine and a Mustang Merlin.

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Stockholm ITU Triathlon - Men

At last I have finished the photos from the ITU triathlon series.

The winner was Jonathan Brownlee from United Kingdom, second Kristian Blummenfelt from Norway and third Pierre Le Corre from France. Total leader in the ITU triathlon series is Mario Motta.

More triathlon photos here…

Shutterstock photos from the event.

Stockholm ITU Triathlon - Women

Now the women triathlon images are ready and have uploaded some to my website.

The winner was Flora Duffy from the Bahamas, second Jessica Learmonth from Britain and third Ashleigh Gentle from Australia. Total leader in the ITU triathlon series is Flora Duffy.

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