Motorsports on two wheels

This saturday it´s time for the Speedway grand prix at the Friends Arena in Solna, really looking forward to the event that has been so well organized the previous years, so if you are into Speedway be sure to get a ticket this weekend.

Will post photos from the event here on the blog, photos below is from the 2016 SGP event.

More photos from the 2016 SGP here…

Shutterstock images from the 2016 SGP here…

Soccer derby AIK-DIF

At last photos from the soccer derby at Friends arena between AIK and Djurgården IF, goalscorer for AIK was Chinedu Obasi and the equalizer was from DIF forward Aliou Badji in the second half. It was a intense game and as usual some trouble with the “supporters” from both teams resulting in riot police on the field at the pause.

Final result 1-1.

More photos here…

Or even more at Shutterstock…soon

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